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Module 40

Systems Thinking
in Digital Learning

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Defining Educational Technology

I wrote my reflection paper (to the left) at the beginning of the Master's program. As I progressed through the coursework, I began to view the role of technology at a much higher level. Since part of my childhood  and educational path proceeded without the internet and personal tech gadgets, I have struggled at times relating to the digital natives that we are currently guiding to adulthood. I found this program really helped me bridge that gap.


I'm a Silicon Valley native and daughter of a software engineer. My dad helped advance the field of artificial intelligence from its early days, first as an Air Force officer and then for university networks. I have long been looking for a reason to study technology at the university level, and found that the technology application that I am most passionate about is Education. Using technology to accelerate learning, to connect with other educators and learners, and to create digital content to solve educational gaps are the reasons why I chose to pursue this M.Ed. Educational Technology program. 

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Mastering Digital Technologies

I received an EdPuzzle Level 1 cert and an AI for Students cert thus far. I am currently working on my EdPuzzle Certificate for the Gamification course. Gamification of learning is something that fascinates me and would like to specialize in it, so I will complete this course and any other Gamification Ed certifications I can find.

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Technology Survey - Capstone Project

Currently waiting on a couple more interviews with key people at my school site. I will update ASAP.

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Infrastructure of Educational Technology in Schools

The following frameworks are commonly used in coaching educators how and what technology to implement in the classroom. Fully functional Infographic can be found here

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