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CLAD = Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development 


CTEL = California Teacher of English Learners

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Thank you for visiting my CLAD through CTEL portfolio (Spring 2021). I began this journey with the goal of earning 18 units of coursework from the UC San Diego Extension in order to fulfill the English Learners requirement for my preliminary CA Single Subject Music teaching credential. We have an incredibly diverse student population in the Golden State and so many students come to our schools with little to no experience speaking English. As teachers, we provide a support structure for these students. This portfolio highlights what I have learned and how I am now better equipped to work compassionately and effectively with English Language Learners (ELLs). 

The CLAD/CTEL Portfolio captures learning and field experiences from each of the courses and connects them together in a cohesive manner. The  CLAD/CTEL Portfolio documents organized reflections and evidence of knowledge, skills and abilities in the CLAD Through CTEL Program.


This portfolio provides an occasion to lend perspectives on strategies that work in the classroom; best practices in delivering instruction to English Learners; and to review lesson plans and artifacts collected throughout the program.

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