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Module 42

“You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people.”  -Dieter Rams, German industrial designer

Instructional Design in Education

Art Class

Learning Theories and Instructional Design Models

Understanding how humans think and learn is a crucial element of effective instructional design. When sound learning theories are combined with compelling design, the outcome will be engaging learning experiences and maximized content retention. There are multiple learning theories, which include principles borrowed from the fields of Cognitive Science, Human Development, Psychology, and Philosophy to combine with sound Educational practice. 

In the following document, I created a plan for one of my school sites, using Merrill's instructional design theory as a framework.

Rainbow Keyboard

Innovations in Learning Design and Educational Technologies

Rainbow Keyboard
Rainbow Keyboard

XR in the Classroom

Learning about and testing Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) Ed options captivated my attention in this module. 
My school is not talking about this yet, so I identified Extended Reality (XR) use in the classroom as the overarching Ed Tech gap that I vowed to address for my capstone project. I immediately began planning and designing. My first lesson plan for an AR music class may be viewed below:

Defining Educational Technology

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Instructional Design Plan

Design Thinking is an important framework and skill to practice when creating an Ed Tech plan for implementation on a campus or when building an E-Learning Course.  Stanford d.School has interesting coursework to reference as a guide.

With these principles in mind, I created the following plan for rolling out the use of XR first in my music classroom, then to the entire 5th grade at one of my school sites, and then to the entire campus. The goal would be eventually to take the pilot program and roll it out to multiple campuses within the Stratford School system and Spring Education Group.

Kid Learning with Tech AI Art .png

This AI art was created by my query to Midjourney, 2022

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